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Father and Son Fishing with Rubber Fishing Worms

Quality Handmade Rubber Fishing Worms in Crown Point, IN

Our founder enjoyed fishing for our 37 years and first discovered this fantastic lure from a lady in his hometown that made them by hand. They were the best fishing bait around. After she passed away, our founder decided to delve into making them as there was nothing like them around. That’s where this idea originated from, and we have been sharing them with everyone since.

We carry a wonderful collection of handmade rubber fishing worms in Crown Point, IN that are great for anglers of all ages. They are ready to be used right out of the bag. Our easy-to-use products mean you don't have to buy additional hooks or line to try and attach them to the worm yourself.

At JFT Lures, LLC, our lures are pre-rigged with hooks and sinkers so it can be used right away making it excellent bait for novice or veteran fishing enthusiasts. These works can be used to catch all types of fish, but they are fantastic bass bait!

So Realistic, They Look Just Like a Real Worm!

Each of our rubber worms measures 5.7" and is ribbed and segmented for a realistic look and feel. It features the perfect balance of weight, comparable to a real worm. This means it does not require additional weights added to your line.

We package our worms aligned straight, so there is no curve when you take it out of the package. These products come in a wide variety of colors, including:

  • White with Black Dots
  • Yellow with Black Dots
  • Purple with Yellow Dots
  • Black with Yellow Dots
  • Watermelon with Orange & Green
  • Purple with an Orange Tail

Simplified Bait for All Ages

The beauty of our fishing lures is their simplicity. Children and beginners especially appreciate an uncomplicated, easy-to-hook bait. Our products are also great for parents who want to teach their kids to fish. You don’t have to re-worm the line every time a perch or bluegill nibbles on the bait. Just go fishing!

When you purchase our products, they include instructions on how to use them. Keep checking back with our site for upcoming instructional videos that reveal more about how to make the most of our amazing lures! Reach out to our experienced staff to answer any questions or concerns you might have.

Contact our adventurous fishing lure company to request any of our amazing, easy-to-use products. We proudly serve Crown Point, IN, and the surrounding area.

How To Use

Your purchase even includes instructions on how to use it. Just cast your line close to the shoreline. This bait works best when it is set on a rock, log, pier pylon, or anywhere aquatic plants such as long weeds or lily pads grow. Aquatic plants provide the worm with something to be set on. It just takes 6 seconds: once the line moves, you set the hook. Keep checking back with our site for upcoming instructional videos that reveal more about how to make the most of our lures.