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Man Fishing with Handmade Rubber Fishing Worms

Best Fishing Bait Around

JFT Lures, LLC was founded by owner Alex Tone, who has loved fishing for more than 37 years. Around 1985, while he was still a youth, Alex would visit a lady in town who made rubber worms by hand. Hands down, her rubber worms were the best fishing bait around, and after she passed away, Alex and his uncle lamented the loss of their favorite bait.


When his uncle passed, Alex was going through his things and found an old tin can where his uncle kept bait when he didn't want to lug around in his tackle box. Inside he found a few of the handmade rubber fishing worms he had enjoyed so much. He duplicated these worms and decided they were worthy of sharing with the world. The name of Alex's uncle was John Fredrick Tone, and his initials were the inspiration for the name of the company.

Testing the Worms

Since Alex remade the worms, he has been using them while freshwater game fishing all over the Crown Point, Indiana, region, including parts of Canada like Rice Lake, Ontario. We have tested these worms in these and other lakes and found them to be the perfect fishing bait for catching many of your favorite freshwater fish, including bass, perch, carp, and bluegill. Contact us to place an order today!

Use the Best Fishing Bait Around

When you’re looking for the best fishing bait around, you count on our lures to get the job done. Our lake fishing lures are handmade and perfect for freshwater fishing. We offer specially crafted artificial worms that are sure to enhance your day on the water. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a beginner, our worms make your fishing trip a memorable one.

At JFT Lures, LLC, we’re dedicated to providing our customers with high-quality handmade rubber fishing worms. Our top priority is ensuring your fishing experience is successful. These worms are designed to attract many different types of fish, so you can feel confident that you’ll head home with a great catch.

Your Destination for High-Quality Bait

We strive to maintain our reputation for providing customers with the best realistic scented worms. All of our products are handmade from the highest quality materials available. Our goal is to offer unparalleled products that meet your specific fishing needs.

More than anything, we’re simply proud to be a premier manufacturer of handmade artificial worms. We take great care in crafting our multi-colored and scented fishing lures, always making sure each meets the top quality standards that Alex himself has instilled.

Contact us to order the best fishing bait around. We ship to the United States and Canada.