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The Ideal Lures for Freshwater Game Fish
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Realistic Rubber Fishing Worms

Head out on the water after bass, bluegill, perch, and other freshwater game fish with JFT Lures rubber fishing worms. Our collection of handmade fishing lures are great for anglers of all ages, from the child learning to fish to the practiced veteran. Designed with ease of use in mind, you don't need any special hooks or add-ons to use these lures. Simply set it up and enjoy a great time by the water!

Our handmade fishing worms offer superior construction, combining effective hook placement with a bronze hook. Engineered to last long, our handmade lures outperform configurations that use silver hooks. As our lures are built to last, you can use them again and again - even after they’ve been nibbled on by other fish.

Fishing should be about enjoying the experience. To that end, we have specially designed our realistic rubber worms to be easy and intuitive to use. You don't even have to know anything about fishing to use them! Just put it on the swivel, cast it, let it sit, and wait for the line to move to catch a fish!

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Helping You Get the Most from Your Fishing Trip

Save time and money with our realistic, scented worms. Our rubber fishing worms are an economic and convenient freshwater bait choice. Now, there’s no need to set aside time to dig for earthworms or worry about waiting for frozen bait to thaw. The rubber worms we make have a realistic look and feel and are specially packaged for immediate use--which means there’s no bothersome curling to worry about.

Our lures also include a generous amount of scents to attract freshwater fish and bass. When casting near underwater plants, they blend in seamlessly in the wild, giving you a better chance to get a bite.

Thanks to the bait’s straightforward construction, ease of handling, and durability, our scented fishing lures are the best bait to help young anglers learn the basics of fishing. Without the need to re-hook the line with a new worm with each nibble, your young fisher won’t have to worry about nicked fingers. We provide a safe and fun way to fish.

Place your order for handmade lures today! We proudly serve fishers throughout the United States and Canada.


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